Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This past weekend, we went with our good friends Kara and Cory to the mountains to cut down our Christmas Tree. We went with them a couple years ago and hope to make this an annual tradition. 

We got all bundled up for the 5 degree weather and headed to Woodland Park.

The boys were determined to find the perfect area to cut down our tree, which to them, meant going to the highest point of the mountain. With only a few minor scares of almost sliding off the road, we found THE spot!

This is the second year that Kara helped us find our tree. Thanks Kara!! 

Here is our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree... just the way we like it :)


Jeff Gries said...

Great job friend! So proud of you!

~Kara~ said...

LOVE IT!!! SUCH a fun tradition! :) Love you guys!